Tell legislators not to fund insurance companies through the governor's managed care sham.

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority, at the direction of Gov. Kevin Stitt, has contracted with insurance companies to manage patient care through Medicaid in Oklahoma. With no legislative input, the governor has demanded more than $2 billion in taxpayer funding. This means more money for insurance companies, less oversight for legislators, and patient care — delayed and denied. 


It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s still time to Stop the Health Care Holdup. 

Managed Care = Your Care Mismanaged

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    Patients and doctors should determine treatment — not insurance companies.

    Simply put, managed care puts insurance companies in charge of patient care - something Oklahomans do not want. The Health Care Authority's own actuarial advisor has said that to achieve cost savings under the managed care plan, Oklahoma would need to reduce services to Medicaid patients by up to 40%. This ill-conceived plan would create delays for patients and allow insurance companies to ration medically necessary care for patients in Oklahoma. 

  • The governor’s plan is bad government

    — and bad for taxpayers too.

    Medicaid in Oklahoma is currently run through SoonerCare, a program that is among the most efficient and effective in the nation. Administrative costs through SoonerCare are less than 4%. By comparison, managed care programs in other states include administrative costs of up to 15%. Managed care costs more, creates more bureaucracy and red tape and delivers less in services for patients and taxpayers. We can't afford this plan.

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    Managed care means less health care access for rural Oklahomans.

    Rural health care has never been more important and the COVID-19 pandemic has made this clear. However, this plan to privatize Medicaid was rushed through in the midst of a pandemic and would have a devastating impact on rural health care, forcing several hospitals and clinics to close.

  • Managed care means care

    delayed — and denied.

    For example, Oklahoma emergency medical service (EMS) providers stand to lose more than $5.3 million in supplemental federal funds under the managed care sham. This will lead to EMS closings, especially in rural areas, and will result in longer response times and lives lost. 

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    We already have a shortage of doctors, nurses and providers. Managed care will make it worse.

    Reducing services by 40% will no doubt lead to access issues for patients and reductions in staff at  a time when Oklahoma is already experiencing a shortage of doctors, nurses and other health care  providers. Managed care will also lead to Emergency Medical Service (EMS) closings, especially in  rural areas, and will result in longer response times and lives lost. The managed care plan would  negatively impact all Oklahomans - not just those receiving Medicaid services.


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